Welcome to Unearth Vintage! 

If you've spent your weekends thrifting in Williamsburg Brooklyn, you've probably visited Arbor Vitae Vintage on Bedford Ave. Our new vintage store, Unearth Vintage, will be filled with the same curated vintage and upcycled clothing, unique treasures, and affordable thrifts!

We understand the way someone dresses can tell a story about who they are to the world. Discover authentic, unique vintage clothing to help you tell your story. Here you'll find a curated selection of true vintage and upcycled clothing from the 1940's to early 2000's. We take pride in sustainable sourcing, responsible upcycling, and telling you the story behind each vintage garment. 


Family Owned Small Business Vintage Store in Brooklyn New York Where it Began Our Story

Unearth Vintage is a family owned and operated small business. We're first generation immigrants from Eastern Europe, our parents immigrated to the United States when we were in our adolescent years. Thrifting and affordable vintage clothing are two things we have always been passionate about... read more of our story here. 


"en la sala"

Our curated vintage collection mixes modernity with authentic vintage and upcycled fashion to help you build a wardrobe that speaks for you. 

"en la sala" is a short film created in collaboration with Arbor Vitae Vintage, New York (2021).

Choreographer/Dancer: Joelle Santiago, @joellesantiagodanceny
Movement Direction: Savannah Gaillard, @savannahgaillard
Music Production: Gabriel Silviera, @officialgube
Director of Photography/Editor: Chun Fung Kevin Chiu, @kchiucinematography 

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